Book Review Up: Ten Sigmas by Paul Melko

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My review of Ten Sigmas & Other Unlikelihoods is up at F & SF Lovin’ Book Reviews. Check it out here. This is one hell of a short story collection and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes SF shorts, and even to people who might not read that much in the short department. Great read!

Also, on a side note, I have Ch. 4 almost read for SoD. I’m going to start editing it tonight. I’ve been working really hard on a story for the second quarter of the WOTF Contest, so SoD was pushed to the side a little. The chapter is written, I just need to give it a good run through. More action will be coming in Ch. 5 and then there should be quite a bit of action from that point on (the sort of silly fun of the third storyline with Presh will probably end by Ch. 7 and then it will be crazy city). Ch. 4 will be up by Wednesday, if not sooner. Thanks for the patience.

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