Mastodon and My Happy “Project”

I just joined Mastodon. I'm also on the "instance," too. Yup, you can follow me in two places. So what the heck is Mastodon? It's sort of like Twitter, but it allows people to create their own "instances" (or sub-communities) with their own guidelines, etc., effectively making it an answer to the hellhole of infinity that is Twitter. From what I can tell, a lot of creative types, especially from marginalized communities, have joined to escape Twitter's endlessly disappointing reaction to rampant abuse and bigotry on its platform. Whether they're leaving permanently or just taking more of their energy elsewhere, the vibe seems pretty clear:  it's kind of a joyful zone. Read More

My NASFiC / San Juan 2017 Schedule and Podcast Interviews

I'm going to Puerto Rico! I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it... [embed][/embed] OK, enough of that... I've got good reason to be, too. I've never been to Puerto Rico, so the second I found out about it, I bought a membership and began planning. The crazy thing:  they gave me a TON to do while I'm there, including running an interview panel with one of my favorite authors:  Tobias Buckell! Before I give you my schedule, I do want to remind potential readers and attendees that I'm a podcaster. I run The Skiffy and Fanty Show, and I will be open to recording discussions and interviews at NASFiC. So, if you're an author, fan, creative type, or whatever and you'd like to be interviewed, hit me up! Alright. Here's my schedule: Read More

Space Opera Course Update

A few months ago, I asked for input from folks interested in the online space opera course I planned to teach/run at some point during the summer. Many of you gave me some excellent feedback about the form the course should take, the readings, cost, and so on, and so I set out to try to put something together in time for summer 2017. Well, it's officially summer, and as should be obvious right now, things aren't exactly put together. And there's good reason for that. Read More

Shaun’s Rambles: RSS Feed / iTunes / Stitcher Ahoy!

Just a quick update for folks who have been listening to the Shaun's Rambles stuff and would like to point their podcatcher to an appropriate feed.  You can now subscriber directly to Shaun's Rambles via the following links (also shown in the sidebar): As with the previous message, regular programming should begin on Friday.  Expect one or two more non-regular posts between now and then!

The Move is Complete!

That's it.  The website has been moved.  Feeds have been redirected successfully, the podcast feed for Shaun's Rambles is almost done, and any lingering blog posts have been posted. I be excited! Things aren't in perfect order yet.  There are still a few tweaks to deal with on the website, after all.  However, things should return to normal in a couple days. On the docket for the next couple weeks:
  • Finish tweaking the website
  • Resume my posting schedule
  • Change my Patreon page to put emphasis on my podcasting
  • Take over the World
  • Point people to the new RSS feed for the Shaun's Rambles stuff and jump joyously because it'll be on iTunes
  • Resume Shaun's Rambles (hopefully, it'll be a weekly 15-minutes-or-less thing)
  • Take over the solar system and oust the Martian Emperor from power
  • Possibly other things I can't think of at the moment
  • Blow up the sun because I'm a supervillain
So, yay.  Done.  Woot!

This is a Test of the Duke Broadcast System

If you are receiving this post, then you are either directly subscribed to my new RSS Feed or Feedburner is correctly redirecting its feed to my new RSS feed.  Either way, if you're seeing this post, everything should be good to go. In the next few days, you may see some old posts pop up.  These are hangovers from the move. I'll delete this post once I'm satisfied that the feeds are working correctly.