Duke’s Herp Files 002: Reptile-tastic Photos and Video from 8/6 -> 8/15/15

What do you get when you talk about something you'd like to see while herping for something else?  Sometimes, you find that very thing.  That's what happened to me.  In the last two weeks, I've managed to add nearly ten species to my list, which I'll share with everyone on another date. What's in this edition of Duke's Herp Files? Read More

Duke’s Herp Files 001: Reptile-tastic Photos and Videos from 7/16 & 7/28/15

So begins a new chapter on this blog: I'm going to start posting videos and pictures from my herping adventures right here so you all can view them at your leisure! What's in this edition of Duke's Herp Files?
  • A video comprised of happenings on 7/16/15 (north central Florida) and 7/28/15 (near the Gulf Coast of Florida), including a ribbon snake munching on a frog and my friend and I releasing a blue phase Eastern garter snake!
  • Two photo albums from the aforementioned dates.
Enjoy! Read More