Chalkboard Wonders: Philip K. Dick, Joe Haldeman, Octavia Butler, and Everyone Else!

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If you’ve been stalking me on Google+, then you’ve likely already seen the newest additions.  If not, then these should be of interest to you (unless you don’t care about literature classes which include liberal doses of science fiction and related genres).  The following are the last two weeks or so worth of chalkboards.  I’ll mark them based on the text; you can click the images for larger versions.  Some of the chalkboards contain historical or genre-based information.  They aren’t in the order in which the texts were taught, though, which probably won’t change how you interpret the boards anyway.
Here goes (warning:  lots of pictures after the fold):

1.  “Faither of Our Fathers” by Philip K. Dick

2.  “The Lions Are Asleep This Night” by Howard Waldrop

3.  “Advancing Luna–and Ida B. Wells” by Alice Walker & “Going to Meet the Man” by James Baldwin

4.  The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

5.  “The First Clean Act” by Larry Heinemann and “Thi Bong Dzu” by Larry Rottmann

6.  “Speech Sounds” by Octavia Butler

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