A Dull Knock On My Writer Brain


Originally I had started writing this explaining how much I hated the new blogger layout because it made it so I had to figure out all my little linky gizmos on the right hand side all over again. Then someone explained to me that I can actually just add the html for those using the ‘add html/java’ feature in the layouts. I didn’t even know it had it. Needless to say I figure it out.

That being said, I’ve a few things to discuss.
First, I started writing two shorts for two different anthologies (S&S 22 and Machine of Death) in hopes that I can actually finish and edit them for submission. I’m not too sure about how my S&S 22 submission will turn out. It’s an alright story I think and might prove rather entertaining. My Machine of Death concept is really an awesome idea in my opinion. I might be going in a more original route than most are in regards to the theme of the anthology.

Next, I had written in the part two of Critique Groups that I wanted to start a little group of speculative fiction writers. I got a few responses suggesting things, but nobody actually said if they wanted to join up. I know there were a couple that were interested, so please speak up now. I’d really like to have a group going.

Also, you all might have noticed that the blog is changing significantly as far as organization and the like. Enjoy it. It’s very WP I think. I have categories, better archive organization, etc. And once I got over the ridiculous hurdle of figuring out the new layout features it all came together rather nicely.

And lastly, this weekend has been only semi-productive as far writing goes. Yes, I have started two stories, but I’m not nearly finished with them. Why? I had to move all of my stuff from my room to another room so that we can make this house presentable for sale. That meant hours upon outs of going through stuff I’ve stockpiled and figuring out what I wanted to keep and the like. Needless to say I have not put much more than a tiny dent in the process. So, as a result my writing has somewhat suffered, but not enough so that Fate would receive another point against me. Nope, I did do some writing and some reading, so Fate can just skip away.

And isn’t today April Fool’s or something? I think so. So, umm, let’s see. I got an arm transplant and three new kidneys so now I’m a super human.
April Fool’s!
Yeah, I know, not very original. I mean really, we’ve all heard of people getting extra arms and kidney’s right? Well, and there’s the fact that I mentioned April Fool’s before the trick…darn.

Have a good next couple days all!

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric and Writing at Bemidji State University. He received his PhD in English from the University of Florida and studies science fiction, postcolonialism, digital fan cultures, and digital rhetoric.

4 thoughts on “A Dull Knock On My Writer Brain

  1. Ah, I know exactly how it feels to have problems with writing. Except when it’s gone, it’s usually GONE. It makes me sad and empty, it’s like a dried out ocean. Ooh poetic.

    Oh, and as for the three kidneys and the new arm, I did that just yesterday. April fools!! (Nothing is worse than someone who’s copied someone else’s april fool’s joke.)

  2. If you are looking for onther online ezines to market work too, may I blow the trumpet for Sputnik57, which I’m the publishing editor of, we’re always looking for new material, altho I should point out that, at this moment in time, we’re not a paying market.

    Meanwhile I’d love to participate in a critique group, unfortunately I just never have time to spare. Good luck getting one going.

  3. Best of luck on the short stories! They look interesting as I checked the links 🙂

    Well I hope all went well with organizing & moving. Just in time for Easter I suppose & I got a kick of your April’s Fools joke. I noticed the Gmail paper scheme on Sunday for their joke *LOL* With today’s technology age, they said they would print and snail mail any email … and why would we want that?!

    Take Care! HugZ!

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