The Everchanging Space Economy

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First things first, I want everyone to know that I did a review of Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret over at SQT’s blog. Check it out please.

Now for something interesting! I’m sorry that it seems like all my little news things are all related to SF. Unfortunately there isn’t really a whole lot of stuff that would pertain to fantasy that I’m finding. And what exactly would be good news stuff for fantasy? Anyone know? Other than literary stuff (such as Robert Jordan dying). So if anyone perhaps has some insight as to what you would like to see, let me know.

Now to another interesting article I found, located here. I’m rather optimistic when it comes to space travel, of any kind. I think one of the biggest issues we have today not only in regards to space, but even other technologies, is that we don’t take risks. There are no more Thomas Eddisons in this country, or in a lot of the world for that matter.
So it came as a surprise to me that scientists think that it would cost us close to a trillion dollars or more just to get us to the Moon again. First, I see no value in going to the moon. Nobody has really come out and said why we should go there other than to just said “yeah, we can build a colony there”. We can’t exactly harvest the moon. That’s too dangerous for the planet as a whole, and a risk not worth taking. I do however think we need to go to Mars. Why? Because we haven’t put a person there yet. It’s important.
So when I read that article and saw that with current funding it will likely never happen I was a little miffed. We have to go to Mars. Period. This article says that it could cost of ten times as much as NASA officials are saying. That’s trillions upon trillions of dollars. NASA doesn’t have that kind of funding and I don’t think we need to give them that kind of funding.
What exactly would make such a project cost so much? And here’s a thought, if it really will cost that much, why aren’t we asked for an international cooperative effort to get this project hte funding it needs? Think, if we could send a couple Americans, a Brit, and a Chinese man or woman, etc. we could get massive amounts of funding! And it would look wonderful on a resume!
I think my problem is that I’m too optimistic about space travel. I think we can do almost anything if we just sit back and do it. I think space travel and understanding our own planet are paramount to the success of our species.
But maybe I’m just delusional.
And what does this do to all of us who are sitting around postulating advanced human societies that rule the galaxy? Yeah, doesn’t bode well. Such societies would go bankrupt with space travel.

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