How Barack Obama Can Get My Vote

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By bring a little Daft Punk into the mix. I admit, one thing that I really like about Obama is that he doesn’t give off that “I’m just a politician and old” feel all the time. I remember seeing him on an episode of Ellen Degeneres’ show where he actually danced live. True, he looked like a dork, but there’s something about the fact that he actually got up there and danced with Ellen that speaks volumes, not to mention the fact that he was on her show, a lesbian and true hero amongst women and men, both straight and gay. I’m still on the fence about him, particularly because I worry about some of his ideas and policies, but I can acknowledge that at least if he becomes President he won’t have the language flaws of Mr. Shrub, nor the look of someone with severe mental deficiencies, like Mr. Shrub.
Now, having said this, I’ll go back to how Barack can get my vote, and it goes to the lyrics of one of Daft Punk’s songs called “Harder Better Faster Stronger”:

Work it harder,
make it better,
do it faster,
makes us stronger.
More than ever,
Hour after
Our work is never over.

This is how I feel about America right now, and the kind of attitude I want our next President to have and all future Presidents. It goes something like this:

  • Work it harder: Because it’s going to take hard work to fix this country, to make America the great nation of freedom, of opportunity that it once was. We’ll have to work harder to get back our reputation, to make other nations remember why America is great, to make allies with nations we have frequently had issues with, to find solutions to problems our current President has either created or ignored. We’ll have to work harder to fix our schools and everything else.
  • Make it better: Because America is a slump. It can be better. It can improve upon itself and be great again. We Americans can do this. A President can lead us to making this nation a better place for everyone, not just Christians, but everyone.
  • Do it faster: Because we don’t have to time to argue about this anymore. America needs a change, and a good one that will benefit everyone, not just one party or one group of people, but everyone. And because we don’t have time to argue about how we’re going to get more oil, or what we’re going to do about global warming or whatever is going on with the planet. We don’t have time to wait for car companies to start designing economically feasible alternative fuel cars. We don’t have the time for wind power to slowly get hold, or solar energy to become more common. You see, we’re running out of time. There will come a point, if we don’t do something, where this nation will suffer drastically. People are earning the same amount of money they were ten years ago, but everything they bought back then is more expensive now, and it just keeps going up. The poor are getting poorer, and working harder for nothing.
  • Makes us stronger: Because doing all those things, working hard, making this country better, and doing it quickly while we are still able to, will make us stronger as a people. Uniting us under one flag, rather than the banners of parties will turn us into a nation united by a single vision, which is what America needs more than ever. We need to stop fighting over petty differences. Both parties are ruining this country. We need Republicans and Democrats to work for us, not against their rivals, because that’s why we hired them. And if we can get all people, Christian and Atheist, Black and White, Male and Female working together under the same goal, wouldn’t that make us the strongest, greatest nation to ever exist? And we can do it with the right leadership. Will Obama be that leadership? Can he truly lead this nation into greatness again?
  • More than ever, Hour after. Our work is never over: Because we have to realize that even if we make America better in the next year, or ten years, or twenty, our work is never over. We will always have to make America better, improve upon old conventions, adapt and change with the times and technology, and bring in new ideas from different cultures, embracing them and accepting that we are the melting pot of the world.

These are the things I need to hear come debate time. These are the things I want to see Obama embracing, but in more than just attacks on Republicans or President Bush, in true words spoken from someone with true vision, not a political agenda…I’m praying that Obama will be the right choice, because McCain has solidified his position as a “no” in my book with his choice of Palin. I want to vote, but times are becoming terrifying now, with candidates being such hard picks and with politics being so insane these days. I’ve been hard on Obama because I don’t trust him and because I’m not a fan of his political views thus far, but can he prove me wrong come election time? I don’t know. I’m afraid to make the wrong choice and have to live with that for the next 4 to 8 years. Terrified even. Because I know people who voted for Bush two times in a row…and now they see it as the biggest mistake they ever made…

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Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

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