The Huge Announcement!

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(I’m on my last essay by the way, which is due Friday)

Tor recently announced something huge. Brandon Sanderson is officially going to be writing the last installment of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series! Read the full press article here.

The new novel, A Memory of Light, will be the twelfth and final book in the beloved fantasy series which has sold over 14 million copies in North America and over 30 million copies worldwide. The last four books in the series were all #1 New York Times bestsellers, and for over a decade fans have been eagerly awaiting the final novel that would bring the epic story to its conclusion.

I can’t comment on Sanderon’s ability to write as I haven’t read any of his work. I have listened to interviews with him on podcasts and he certainly knows how to work with fantasy world.

It is the perfect match for Sanderson, who gratefully acknowledges the role Jordan played as an inspiration to him as a writer. In the tribute piece “Goodbye Mr. Jordan,” posted on his blog, Sanderson writes to Jordan: “Personally, I feel indebted to you. You showed me what it was to have vision and scope in a fantasy series–you showed me what could be done. I still believe that without your success, many younger authors like myself would never have had a chance at publishing their dreams. You go quietly, but leave us trembling.”

Hopefully this will turn out to please all of Jordan’s disparaged fans. I would hate to see all of Jordan’s fans turn on Sanderson, who seems to have a very promising career ahead of him. This is good news though, because at least the story will be finished! Sanderson will have access to Jordan’s notes and drafts, so, at the very least the story will still be the one Jordan intended to tell but couldn’t get to.

Good luck to Sanderson on this!
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