I Voted! Now For the Results…

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So, I voted, and because I actually don’t care if you all know what and who I voted for, I’m going to put it here. And I intend to do this every time I vote. If you want to send me a mean email arguing with me over a vote, please do so. I would find it entertaining. Here goes:

  • President/VP — Obama/Biden
    Because McCain is crazy and I’m not wasting my vote on equally crazy independents who have no idea how to run the country. Plus, Obama is just the better choice. If you don’t think so then something might be wrong with you. Yes, I said it.
  • US Legislature — Anna Eshoo
    She had a lot of good points and the Republican was annoying.
  • State Senate — Joe Simitian
    Kind of close for me, but Simitian came off as one more willing to defend the little people (at least slightly more).
  • State Assembly (District 27) — Bill Monning
    Just sounded better to me.
  • California Propositions
    • Prop 1 — Yes
      We need high speed rail. Efficient, useful public transportation is an absolute must in California.
    • Prop 2 — No
      Banning a practice without offering ways to protect people in a particular business is going to hurt us, and while it may be speciesist of me, humans come first. Sorry, chickens are not as important as human beings. You put this bill on there with a plan to protect California business owners and families during the transition and we’ll talk.
    • Prop 3 — No
      They still have $300 million left from the last bill (4 years ago), why do they need $980 million more? Something was fishy about this one, so I put a no.
    • Prop 4 — No
      This bill complete ignores the fact that some parents are absolutely insane and would actually attempt to prevent their daughters from having abortions. This would create too many problems if we force Doctors/teenagers to tell their parents.
    • Prop 5 — No
      Didn’t trust it. Sounded too much like a bill that would let criminals off for their crimes and I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in that.
    • Prop 6 — No
      Didn’t trust it. Just didn’t offer the guarantees I wanted for the money they’re asking.
    • Prop 7 — Yes
      When the opponents to a renewable energy proposition are all energy corporations who have a hand in non-renewable sources and haven’t done their job to use renewable sources, then clearly a yes is the right vote.
    • Prop 8 — No
      Did you really expect me to vote any other way on this one? I don’t vote for bills/laws/props/constitutional amendments that are born out of hate and prejudice.
    • Prop 9 — Yes
      Criminals do not deserve the same rights as victims. Ever.
    • Prop 10 — No
      Didn’t trust it. I liked the idea, but I didn’t feel that they were going to give what was promised and would probably cause more problems than they would solve.
    • Prop 11 — No
      Didn’t trust it, nor did I fully understand what it was for. I’m not voting yes for something that doesn’t make it clear what is going on or what it will do.
    • Prop 12 — Yes
      Money for veterans. End of discussion. Course, this probably has more to do with the fact that the Yes people made a better case than the No people for me.

And that is all. Hope you all had a great voting experience.

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Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

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