Link of the Week: Amal El-Mohtar Calls for the Expulsion of Theodore Beale from SFWA

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You’ve probably already seen it, but if you haven’t, here you go.  If you scroll down to the comments section, you can see a lot of other responses to the situation.

In short, Theodore Beale (a.k.a. Vox Day) is our resident loud-mouthed racist and misogynist.  This is not a bit of name calling.  This is just established fact.  The things he’s written about women and people of color so clearly define him as among the most vile minds among us that I’m surprised it took until Amal’s post to spark serious discussion about expelling him from the SFWA.  Then again, I suppose this is the first time he’s explicitly broken “the rules.”  And that’s the crux of the matter:  Beale/Day used an official SFWA space to increase his readership (as opposed to N.K. Jemisin who gave a speech at a non-SFWA function), and in doing so, he turned SFWA’s voice into a loudspeaker for racism.  It’s like the guy comes straight out of a D.W. Griffith film…

I may have more to say about this whole thing later, but if not, there’s plenty of interesting stuff to read in Amal’s post alone.  The links at the bottom of that post add a whole lot more.


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