A Meme of Goals


Alright, so I was tagged for I think the first time for a meme by BlondeSwtP. Apparently what you’re supposed to do is list of 5-10 of your wildest dreams, things you want to achieve in this lifetime, and then tag several of your blogger friends, asking them to do the same. Create a link within the post back to the blogger who challenged you. You must also include a link to the original challenge: here!
So my goals are as follows in no particular order:
1) Graduate college with a PhD. so I can talk to people have them them call me “Mr. Duke” just so I can correct them. “It’s Dr. Duke.” Granted, I want the education too, but I wouldn’t want to spend all that time learning without having a couple of arrogant giggles as payment in the end. I don’t know what my PhD. would be in mind you. Right now I’m just getting a BA in Literature (with a creative writing focus) and possibly a M.A. in education so I can teach English to college kids and what not.
2) Be a published and moderately successful author. I don’t mean Stephen King. He’s loaded. I just want to be a recognized author. Maybe win a Hugo or a Nebula. Perhaps the Nobel for Literature. Heck, the Pulitzer would be nice. Okay, maybe that’s beyond moderately successful, but I would love to be able to make a living off of writing, and I don’t need much to do that.
3) Publish WISB. This is being put up to some serious consideration right now. A lot of expressed that I should attempt to publish it. Even my cartographer who did those lovely maps suggested it and he’s someone who deals extensively with the publishing world. So, I’m thinking of how to do that. Lulu looks like a great place to self-publish, but would that be possible? I can’t attempt to publish the first novel on its own right now, at least I don’t think so. Would a publisher take a novel that is only part of a sequence?
4) Be able to do just about anything I want regardless of how much it costs. Yeah, that’s a good dream right? Being rich?
5) Not have to actually work, i.e. a real 8-5 or 40 hour work week type job, unless it involves writing in some way. That would rule really. I hate working and quite honestly I refuse to remain in that sort of repetitive mindless boredom that people seem to just accept in this world. Not me. I want to do something I will enjoy.
6) Have a hell of a lot more time to write and read. Or have a job that will not chastise me for stopping in the middle of a work day to write something down. A lot of my inspiration has come in my little 15 minute breaks at work. I need silence though to write. That doesn’t happen much at work I’m afraid. Stupid work.
7) Successfully breed leopard geckos. Simple enough.
8) Not die. Seriously. I know people say “well if you were immortal you’d be depressed at seeing everyone die”. Not me. See, I have this mentality that I will get attached to people, but I can also get over it. I mean, really, if someone lives for 80 years, that’s a long time to know someone. And I totally want to see the whole world.
9) Gain superpowers or learn how to control magic or get sucked into a magic world just like James in WISB was. Okay, not really a goal, but man it would be cool.
10) Prove or adapt the evolutionary theory just to shut up all those idiots who haven’t a clue how science works. At the same time I would make sure not to be like other scientific idiots who try to use science to disprove God, which is in and of itself as retarded as watching the President try to dance African style. This would probably involve me developing a time machine to go back in time and video tape evolution as it happens and also video tape the hand of God turning the little dial to make it all go. Yes, I would have prior clearance with God to do that. We’ll have a long talk about it after I become immortal.

And there you have it. So, I am tagging Mr. Bramage, Andrew, and Lindsey on this one. So, do it!


About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric and Writing at Bemidji State University. He received his PhD in English from the University of Florida and studies science fiction, postcolonialism, digital fan cultures, and digital rhetoric.

4 thoughts on “A Meme of Goals

  1. Man, this made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I have this mental image of you sitting down with God (played by Morgan Freeman).

    “Yes, Mr. Almighty, I have a pitch.”


    “Yes. I’d like to…film you creating the earth. Just to shut up both sides of the argumenters at once.”

    “Make sure to film my right side…that’s my good one.”

  2. Ah, you’ve tagged me! Okay, this should be fun! Loved the goals – all of them seem really good for any writer to have. The one about getting super powers or sucked into fantasy was especially amusing 😀 Good luck on achieving that!

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