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Apparently there have been massive protests across the state, particularly in the LA area. Read more about it here. I can’t blame them for being pissed and wanting to protest and I truly hope this keeps up.

On a side note, if anyone knows of any protest marches in the Santa Cruz/Bay Area, let me know. I doubt there would be, considering that Santa Cruz and San Francisco Counties went heavily against Prop 8 (San Fran was 76% against, though why only 230,000 people in that city voted is beyond me, because there should have been a hell of a lot more, and Santa Cruz was 71% thanks to our huge youth vote). The reason I doubt this is because these counties are already heavily for gay rights, so protests would have little effect here unless they were big enough to grab TV attention. But I’d still be interested in being a part of a protest.

I’ve been on the picket lines before, by the way. Back when all this started to be a huge issue we had a huge protest in Placerville, CA and over 100 of us showed up on the side of Highway 50 to promote the new “No Hate Zone” proclamation for the city by the mayor. It was more a promotion than a protest, but the anti-gay folks showed up and it became one of protest. It should be noted that the only people who actually caused confrontation were the anti-gay people, while those for gay rights were rather civil, even wishing the “Truth Truck” folks (that’s what they called themselves) a nice day even in the dismal winter months. It got news attention, thankfully, but it dwindled down the the “Truth Truck” folks are still out there claiming things like “Jesus hates gays” and “Martin Luther King hates gays” (the latter of which they bring out on MLK Day, which pisses me off to no end because MLK was not anti-gay; he made one speech where he was and then he changed his mind…read it, he didn’t like the gay lifestyle, but he wasn’t a hate-monger).

In any case, I think that’s enough from me for the evening.


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