Movie Review: Tron: Legacy (A Brief Review)


And by brief, I mean really brief.  I’m currently working on a late review for Strange Horizons, which will be my take on the worldbuilding.  However, since I quite enjoyed the film, I wanted you all to have my scores for the various aspect of the films, which I usually do at the end of every review.  I’ll post a very brief explanation under each.

Directing: 3/5

Kosinski gets okay performances out of the cast, but his new director shoes are definitely showing.  I hope his work on The Black Hole remake is better (the same guy who wrote The Clash of the Titans is attached to the project, though, so I don’t have high hopes).  It would suck something awful to remake a classic and give us, well, room temperature scifi water.  He’s not a terrible director, like Uwe Boll, but hopefully we’ll see improvement from here on out.
Cast: 3.5/5
The case is decent.  Bridges is not at his best, but nobody is awful in this movie.  That’s a plus.  It’s not bad casting, but they’re not used well.  The fellow behind Castor is brilliant, though, even if he is insanely eccentric.
Writing: 3.75/5
Yes, the plot is simple, but since worldbuilding is a part of the writing, they get a huge bump up for creating a really brilliant world, and a plot that actually makes sense.  Simple may not be what people want, but it’s better than creating an overcomplicated mess.  Legacy isn’t a mess.  It’s logical.  All of it.
Visuals: 4.75/5
Overall, the visuals are amazing.  They’ve done a fine job weaving the world together.  The only flaw I think is worth mentioning is that sometimes young Bridges looks a little too computerized.  They’re still impressive effects in general, but there are moments where things aren’t where they should be.
Adaptation: N/A
It’s not an adaptation of anything, per se.
Overall: 3.75/5
Value: $9.75 (based on a $10.50 max)(this number is based on movie ticket value)
I loved the film.  I’d recommend science fiction fans to see it with the intention of watching a fun movie.  Don’t go into this expecting Inception or Sunshine.  It’s good cyberpunk fun!

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Tron: Legacy (A Brief Review)

  1. I really have to disagree with the "logical plot" claim, simply because of one, huge, glaring nonsensical moment.
    Quorra's presence in the real world at the end.
    I can go along with a program that sucks people into it like Tron wanted us to believe. But I can't follow along with a program that can transfer a program to the real world, with a whole physical body (human and everything). That's just completely illogical.

  2. Wait, so you can go with a program that digitizes organic tissue and reverses it, but you can't buy that a fully evolved digital organism can be organic-ized?

    That's absurd. There's nothing different about the two processes except the origin, which doesn't change the fact that both organic and digital "peoples" function in much the same way within the Grid.

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