My Grades For Fall 2007 at UCSC (so far)


In case anyone cares I thought I’d mentioned my grades thus far for last quarter. I’m just waiting in one more grade, which I think is a B or B+, or somewhere around there.

Modern German Fiction w/ Theo Honnef: A
Intro to Musical Drama (Opera) w/ Dan Seldon: A+
(The + is actually meaningless unless you want to be “valid Victorian”, as I call it. Since I have no desire to be that I’m just glad it was an A)

A note on both classes. I really enjoyed German Fiction. I’m keeping several of the books from it because I quite enjoyed them. Intro to Musical Drama really helped me develop a taste for opera. I’m quite fond of a few operas now and have actually seen a live opera, which was awesome. I learned quite a lot about the depth of the musical genre and even a little about the history of music and my sneaking suspicion that someone was behind the destruction of classical music, leading to the massive popularity of crap. Well, that’s a little harsh. There’s certainly so good older music, but you get the point.

So just waiting on one more (Literary Interpretation). I’m rather surprised I did so well to be honest. The two courses I have been graded on are upper division, so to get such a high grade is a good thing. It really wasn’t all that challenging though.

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Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric and Writing at Bemidji State University. He received his PhD in English from the University of Florida and studies science fiction, postcolonialism, digital fan cultures, and digital rhetoric.

4 thoughts on “My Grades For Fall 2007 at UCSC (so far)

  1. Well done, Shaun! I knew Theo would give you an A. 🙂 He told me early on that I would be getting one because I participated – and your participation was always more intelligent than mine so I figured you were set. Always nice to get good grades your first time at a UC (or back at one, like I am).

    What classes are you taking next quarter? I couldn’t work the Sci Fi one into my schedule 🙁

  2. Well I imagined he would give me an A but I really hope it had less to do with the fact that he liked me and more to do with the fact that I was a decent student and wrote decent papers. I never really considered myself very active. I mean, I read the books and usually had a pretty good idea of what happened, but I never really had a lot of say about why things happened or what something meant. I tend to come up with all that when I sit around writing an essay and need a topic. Then I start pulling things together. But if you say I had some good insight, well great. :D.

    I ended up getting screwed next quarter because I didn’t know enrollment was open until a week later! So all the courses I had originally planned to take were full. So I signed up for everything I could. Right now I’m enrolled in: British Canon I, Colonial American Lit, and Girlhood Narratives. Yeah, 3 upper division courses, but so be it. I’m hoping to drop one though for that SF class (probably Girlhood Narratives). The professor of the SF class said I was on her newly formed waitlist (meaning I was the first) and there was a possibility the enrollment might be opened. I’m hoping she’ll let me in because I’m really interested. If not, maybe enrollment will open up or something for it.

    What about you?

  3. His idea of a good student was being active in class and writing decent papers so I’m sure that’s why you got the A.

    As for what I’m taking…. good question.. Umm.. Biblical Narratives, Classical Myth and 19th Century Russian Fiction. I’m stuck taking Biblical, which constrained my choices.. And I have to work around my family schedule, makes it hard to pick what I’d probably really rather take.. except that not much was really jumping out at me anyway so those three sound good!

    Meanwhile, Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh, well then I’m a good student. I also made sure to read the works for class. It sort of irritated me when that one girl in class tried to comment, but she hadn’t read the work…

    I might try to get into 19th Century Russian if I can. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. I think I might be okay dropping Girlhood Narratives for the SF class and sticking with my other two. I like some British stuff and Colonial American fic is good. I’m a modern lit major I think, so both classes should fit…or fit close enough. I need to talk to the Lit. department to figure out if I have to be really specific on my BA. I don’t want to study ancient lit stuff (you know, Greek classics), but I also don’t want to be restricted to stuff in the last two centuries either. I like a wide range of stuff and older novels are of interest to me too…

    Have a wonderful tomorrow or if you don’t celebrate that I hope you have a wonderful winter break :).

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