My Vote For President: An Official, Final Choice

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Dear Readers,
I have come to a decision on who I plan to vote for this coming Presidential Election. It has been, as some of you know, a difficult period for me, with my reservations about Barack Obama and John McCain, my concerns over our economy and the war, over who will do the right thing and keep America from tumbling into the pit of worldly hell that we are, after eight years of ineptitude, sitting on of the edge of. The decision came rather quickly for me when one considers what has been flooding the news these last few days and weeks.
I have decided to vow my support for Barack Obama. I don’t believe Obama is the best candidate we could possibly have, but in the face of impending insanity–McCain and his utterly psychotic VP Palin–I have come to realize that Obama is the best choice. Say what you will about Obama, much of what we think about him in a negative light is not founded in verifiable truth. He might be a racist, but we can’t prove that. He might hate America, but we can’t prove that. He might even be a Muslim terrorist, but we can’t prove that either. The fact is, the only thing Obama has done up to this point is continue to sound like an educated, thoughtful human being, someone who has made me scared about where he will go in his first term as President because I have always had reservations about people who speak particularly well and say all the right things–and the world should have reservations about anyone who speaks in such a perfect manner.
You see, with Obama I at least believe he means well. He may have features I don’t like and his politics may make America worse, but the things he wants to do are at least good things. I believe we should eventually have a health care system here, just not in the next eight years. I believe in a lot of the things Obama believes in, I just don’t believe some of them are economically feasible in the next eight years. Perhaps Obama realizes this, or perhaps he’s saying what he wants to do and he’ll find out how hard it really is when he gets there. Still, I believe that his politics are genuine. He wants to help, he wants to make America better overall. I just didn’t like him because of his relationships with people whom I greatly disagree with, due also in part to some of the things that were concerning me that I couldn’t prove.
All this comes to me after learning more about John McCain and his VP choice Palin and realizing that the GOP choice is almost literally like choosing Hitler and Stalin together as President and VP. Palin is a terrifying human being, someone who is verifiable insane and whose politics and religious believes are so far to the right than it is impossible to hope for anything good if she becomes our VP. With McCain vowing that she meets him on the same playing field, this makes me wonder what it is McCain hopes to do to the country. Palin supports book bannings, and not just legitimate bannings of books in schools (such as pornography), but the banning of books like Harry Potter and other such fascinating reads that our children love and adore. She is part of a group of religious individuals that claims that Hitler was sent here by God to make sure the Jews got into Israel, which is a position that boggles my mind to no end and makes me question what sort of violent, evil god she believes in. She has been shown to abuse her authority in Alaska by firing people to get what she wants. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
While I support the right to freedom of religion, I cannot support the imposition of religion into politics. The religious right must come to realize that we all don’t believe what they believe and that much of what they believe is predicated on absolutely lunacy. God did not send Hitler here to make sure the Jews got into Israel. Neither did God mandate us to fight in Iraq. There is no logical reason for Jesus Camps, which use brainwashing and mind control, in the same manner as terrorist groups do, in order to produce “Soldiers of God.” These things are part of Palin and her camp, the forced indoctrination of children into a religion to make them into soldiers, into violent zealots to churn the fires of hate in a Christian uniform. It is disturbing and wrong on too many levels, but these things will go unchallenged because our society has become a slave to religious intolerance and given undue respect to religion when it should be challenged, just like it was challenged in California when those politicians decided it was unconstitutional to deny homosexuals the right to marry.
And if McCain and Palin enter the White House, I fear for this country. I fear that we might see the end of rationality in this country, the end of logical science and the end of our educational system. America is growing stupider every generation and it is because of these extremist religious views that this is so.

So, having said these things you can officially call me an Obama supporter. I cannot support McCain and Palin, because their politics are nothing short of psychotic–so much so that they should be locked up in a mental institution. Obama is the right choice. Obama is the only choice.

Thank you.

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric and Writing at Bemidji State University. He received his PhD in English from the University of Florida and studies science fiction, postcolonialism, digital fan cultures, and digital rhetoric.

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