Oh You Silly Religious

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Apparently you can just make it up now. Yeah, I thought it was surprising to. It’s not written in the Bible, but hey, it must be a sin cause the Archbishop said so. Good lord.

I proclaim a new sin, since we can just make it up now:
Thou shalt not oppress, discriminate, or manipulate people of alternate position due to religious intolerance and thou shalt not profess the name of God in war, nor shalt thou make new sins because of changing times, nor for the sake of man’s indiscretions that that thou mayest have Holy Law as a defense for personal disagreement.

Welcome to Shaunism, the new religion of the world, where people aren’t discriminated against for being slightly different or believing in magic bunnies or whatever else they believe in and neither are people killed, imprisoned, or threatened for believing in magic bunnies or whatever else so long as their beliefs do not cause intentional harm to those of the living.

P.S.: Yes, I realize the sins in that link are basically decent ideas, but I still don’t like the idea of having to use religion as a basis for creating them as no-nos. Shouldn’t the Church just the address the issue from a common sense point of view? Maybe explaining why we shouldn’t do it rather than saying “well, God said so” would be a much better idea and possibly more effective. Now I feel like we should do all the things they don’t want us doing, just in spite.

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