Patriots vs. Giants


The big game is tomorrow. I know some of you don’t care, but I found this article about rumors that the Patriots spied on the Rams in 2002. I find it rather humorous that the spokesman has the audacity to tell us as a fact that the Patriots didn’t cheat then when they were clearly caught cheating during this season and were fined tremendously for it. Honestly, whether or not they are telling the truth, I don’t believe them. Why? Because they tried to cheat this year doing almost the exact same thing as they are being accused of doing in 2002. Go figure.

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2 thoughts on “Patriots vs. Giants

  1. Interesting 😛 Someone always has to throw some edge out there.

    Which we watched Inside the NFL this morning and they were giving the Giant’s pointers on how to win against the Patriots … don’t get Tom Brady into the pocket, and keep Randy Moss in the inside while heavyly blocking him. Anyhow, Bill Bellichick even came on & stated the show figured that out a week before they did. It was funny.

    So, Go Giants for my scorecard.

    And what good commercial will there be too??!

  2. Hopefully the commercials are really good this year. They have been so-so the last few years. I miss the old Budweiser commercials with the frogs. Those were always brilliant! The Caveman commercials were great too when they first popped up!

    Honestly, I want the Giants to win, but they probably are going to get stomped into the ground. I don’t know if Eli is up for that kind of pressure yet. Especially against the Patriots who have proven to be merciless opponents in the last 10 years…

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