Poll Results: Help Me Name My Fern


You voted (along with some folks on another website) and the results are finally in. And here they are:

  • Dave — 5 (19.2%)
  • Fred — 0 (0%)
  • Salvador — 11 (42.3%)
  • Fern — 4 (15.4%)
  • Kiwi — 3 (11.5%)
  • Charlie — 2 (7.7%)
  • Bill — 0 (0%)
  • Captain Adama — 1 (3.9%)

You’ll notice that I truncated Salvador considerably from the original name. Why? Because Adam is insane and Salvador is a weird enough name for a plant anyway.

So, my Boston fern is now named Salvador. And as if that weren’t enough, Salvador has been so kind as to grow some unexpected things in the last month, such as these wonderful heart-shaped leaves that I’m sure are Salvador’s attempt to communicate joy to me (you know, because I’m the one doing all the feeding here). Here’s a picture of those heart-shaped goodies:

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2 thoughts on “Poll Results: Help Me Name My Fern

  1. He seems to be doing pretty well so far. He lost some leaves and what not when he first got to my house, though, and one stalk is still on its way to dying…but everything else looks good.

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