Poll Results: Would you read an ebook?


It seems like times are really changing. A couple of years ago, I could have asked the same question and received completely different results. Our mentality has changed on the whole ebook thing, and I hope that this change is for good reasons.

So, here are the results:

  • 15 (78%) — Yes
  • 2 (11%) — No
  • 2 (11%) — Maybe
The vast majority of those who voted would read an ebook. That’s fascinating. I suppose the question is phrased in such a way that to say “no” could imply that you’d never ever read an ebook, while “yes” could imply that you would read one, but not necessarily. Issues of preference are obviously not a part of the poll. My next poll will likely be on that.
Out of curiosity, what were you all expecting from the results? Exactly as above? More evened out across the categories? The exact reverse?

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

2 thoughts on “Poll Results: Would you read an ebook?

  1. Hmmm, I think asking the question on a blog will necessarily give skewed responses, though. Blog readers are, by their nature, more used/inclined to reading digitally. Ask the question in a brick and mortar bookstore and you may get an entirely different response. x

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