Quick Movie Reviews (2009): Volume Four

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And here are some more quick reviews from GeorgeMichael. Okay, so only the first four are from him, but still. He’s apparently seen a lot of movies this year. As have I!

Anywho, enjoy:

Bride Wars
Pros:  Both Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are great actors who do their very best with the mediocre script that they’ve been handed. Their performances are the highlight of this otherwise disposable movie in which two best friends get their weddings planned on the same day in the same place and fight with everything they can to ensure that their own wedding wins out. Let theoretical hilarity ensue.
Cons:  It’s not funny and it’s not romantic. Anything that you could possibly want in a rom/com is completely absent here. You have a two hour long catfight for sure but it’s all loosely wound by a poorly written script and horrible execution.
Rating:   1.5/5

I Love You, Man
Pros:  Paul Rudd and Jason Segel give amazing performances as Peter and Sidney in the most recent bro-mance for all to enjoy. The premise surrounds Peter getting engaged and realizingthat he doesn’t have a best man so as a result he begins his search for male bonding. The script is amazing and the movie works flawlessly. Paul Rudd is great as the awkward “only had girl friends” guy who gets nervous around Sidney when he tries to be cool. Jason Segel is equally impressive as the yin to Paul’s yang as the outgoing party dude.
Cons:  Like many Apatow-like movies (he has nothing to do with this particular film) the movie runs a tad too long but other than that it is an amazing movie that is easily worth double the price of the admission ticket.
Rating:  4.5/5

Last Chance Harvey
Pros:  Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson give great performances in this substantial feel good film. Harvey (Dent… he he…) is a commercial jingle composer who travels to England for his daughter’s wedding and everything goes wrong. First he finds out that he has been left at a hotel all alone because his entire family are staying at a house that his ex wife rented out. Then his daughter tells him that she wants her step father to walk her down the aisle. To place a cherry on top of it all he gets fired. While sulking at a bar he comes across a delightful woman in misery named Kate. The feel goodiness begins.
Cons:  The movie moves a little slow at times and can drag in certain places. It plays the plot safe for the most part and in any other instance would be a pretty general feel good movie. What elevate Last Chance Harvey above the rest are the superb performances of Hoffman and Thompson.
Rating:   4/5

Slumdog Millionaire
Pros:  A perfect love story set in the slums of India that tells the tale of Jumal Malik as he searches his whole life looking for the girl that he lost as a child, Latika. The movie is perfectly cast, directed, written, and shot. To add to all of that the movie has amazing music to go along for the ride. A movie that opens with the main character being tortured turns into one of the happiest and greatest movies in recent years. Who knew?
Cons:  A perfect love story. There are no cons. All Oscars were deserved.
Rating:   5/5

Sex Drive
Pros: A couple hilarious moments, but really this is sort of a typical teen comedy/romance. Not much else to say, unfortunately.
Cons: The best moments were the ones we already saw in the previews. The Amish scenes were mediocre at best and the plot was pretty much an idiotic “I’m a teenage virgin male and I need to get laid” rehash. Basically it’s unoriginal and overdone. We need more interesting teenage comedies…
Rating: 1/5

And there you go!

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