Quick Movie Reviews (2009): Volume Three

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Well, my good friend GeorgeMichael has seen quite a few movies this year and he was kind enough to write up these quickie reviews.

And with that, here they are:

Pros:  A quirky, charming coming-of-age film about a college grad who has to take a summer job to be able to pay for his New York Grad School and misses out on a Europe trip that he can no longer afford. The nostalgic eighties vibe has good intentions and warms you up inside as well as these well written and perfectly cast characters do.
Cons:  Drags a bit for a while, with a slightly predictable plot. Could have shaved off about fifteen minutes, but overall the movie was well acted and proved to be entertaining and induced enough chuckles to be well worth the ticket.
Rating:   4/5

Yes Man
Pros:  Jim Carrey is back in his insane vibe which still, after all these years, hasn’t lost its entire magic spark. Carrey and co star Zooey Deschanel light up the screen with their oddball characters and enough jokes are thrown our way that many are bound to make us laugh out loud at least once. If this is the beginning of a new wave of Carrey movies it’s off to a fine start.
Cons:  A predictable plot and semi weak premise make this film a bit too obvious to really immerse yourself in it. The gags are great and the acting above expectations, but nothing is entirely surprising or shocking. The movie never really elevates above “safe” comedy and as such comes out as a funny, but routine movie.
Rating:  3/5

Miss March
Pros: I apologize, and swear to readers that this will hopefully never happen again, but I can’t think of a single damn thing.
Cons: The acting is horrendous, the plot and characters outrageously insipid, and the gags so juvenile that the entire movie barely elicited a single chuckle from my throat. Quite possibly a movie so bad that it rates among the worst of the century and easily on par with Disaster Movie and it’s predecessors.
Rating: .5/5

Marley and Me
Pros: An adorable puppy love movie based on a best selling book with two great actors cast as the leads. Although the movie is told from Owen Wilson’s point of view this really is Marley’s movie and the Labrador does not disappoint. The movie is sweet and funny when it needs to be, and outrageously cute when it chooses. All charm leads up to the inevitable end which drew tears to me and all my friend’s eyes. Ironically the girls in our group showed no signs of emotion which settles the argument as to why it is called man’s best friend.
Cons: The movie is predictable, unfortunately, and can run a bit slow during its runtime but two hours of well done sappiness is better than anything you’re likely to get these days. Marley and Me is a joy to watch and a pain to endure afterwards. Rating: 4.5/5

Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Pros: Kevin James certainly proved he can carry a movie on his own with this funny flick about a security guard whose mall gets taken over by hostile, bike riding terrorists. This is a light fluff movie that will most likely leave you smiling so it has that going for it.
Cons: The acting is acceptable and the gags passable as well. Nothing in this movie truly shines above average. You don’t leave this movie quoting anything or wanting to discuss it at all. You see it and then you forget it, it’s simple as that. The plot is predictable and it’s all very mediocre.
Rating: 2/5

And there you go!  There are some more quickie reviews coming up.  Hope these help you find something to watch in the upcoming weeks!

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Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

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