Quick Movie Reviews: Volume Four

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Here are a few more quickie reviews
(Other editions: Volume One, Volume Two, and Volume Three)

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Pros: Interesting and visually stimulating re-imagining of all the mythology surrounding Jules Verne’s book of the same name. A movie that will likely grab the younger audience more than the adults. Good message too.
Cons: 3D is overrated and you can completely skip the 3D component of this film. Not a perfect film by a long shot and could have used with a more solid initial grounding of all the major issues of the story. Had a bit of a TV movie feel in the beginning.
Rating: 3/5

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Pros: Most of the important characters are back and some good action sequences.
Cons: Too many to list. Of most importance are the replacing of Rachel Weisz with a person who looks and acts nothing remotely the same to the Eve that we’re familiar with, a highly disappointing showdown between Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li, too much obvious CGI, poor story, and annoying inconsistencies and chemistry between the actors. A deliciously flawed film that probably shouldn’t have been made.
Rating: 1/5

Tropic Thunder
Pros: A pretty funny film. Robert Downey, Jr. pulls off one of the goofiest roles I’ve seen in the last few years and Matthew McConaughey is actually enjoyable. A great look into the flawed lives of famous actors.
Cons: Ben Stiller is Ben Stiller…again.
Rating: 3/5

Saw V
Pros: Yet another interconnected and gory terror fest. Probably the best thing about this series is how every single addition somehow fits into the overall story.
Cons: Not nearly as good as the first few and probably an early marker that this series needs to end soon.
Rating: 3/5

Pros: An interesting take on a Philip K. Dick story with one hell of a twist that most people will hate, but I ended up loving. Rarely does a movie make me go “what the frak?” in a good way. If you like scifi, weirdness, and interesting themes around a person’s moral responsibilities, then this is for you.
Cons: It is Nicholas Cage, who tends to be the same person over and over. This is one of his more enjoyable films, to be honest. It also unfortunately falls pray to its own fascinating devices.
Rating: 3.25/5

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