Random Freelance Woes


It’s been an interesting night, what with my friend ceasing her employment at my current freelance job due to some logical reasons that I generally agree with, my worrying about how to pay for graduate school because I don’t have rich parents to offload thousands of dollars onto me, and my considering the various ways in which I can earn money without having to work at Taco Bell, which results in my spending time searching for freelance jobs that don’t have to do with business or finance and other such things.

With that in mind, I’ll see where it goes. I’m fiddling with a site called Blogvertise and some other sites. The interesting thing I’ve always found rather humorous about the whole hubbub regarding these sorts of places is that there seems to be a lot of assumption that one has to essentially turn into an advertising Muppet. “Here’s the website, it’s nifty cool, yippee pandering advertising nonsense.” I don’t understand that. I don’t intend to take things that have subjects completely uninteresting to my readers, nor do I intend to address Blogvertise subjects any different that I would anything else. If I get offered a slot for something I find repugnant, I’m going to say that. Why not? Technically speaking almost any kind of publicity is good publicity; it’s simply a matter of opinion, I suppose.

So, this is the development around these parts. Don’t worry. Regular content will be, well, as always. I don’t even think this thing will go anywhere, as I suspect the majority of the stuff will be completely unrelated. And you’ll all know when something has been paid for by the evil man. And you’ll know when I’m being honest, because something you’d expect me to hate will be, well, hated.

And of course, if a lot of you have a visceral reaction to all this, I’ll drop it like a diseased hat. But I promise you that WISB will always be WISB. Period. It’ll never cease it’s WISBiness, even if I have the occasional post that I happened to earn $5.00 on (and I do mean occasional; WISB is a personal venture, but I’d like to try some new things, just for the hell of it, and I see no reason why I can’t earn a little bit of money off this place if all I’m doing is being WISBy).

And that is that.

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

3 thoughts on “Random Freelance Woes

  1. Between Freelance Woes & Bringing the Ball To You: The Audience …

    1. You're a talented writer.
    2. I enjoy WISB because of your honesty & creativeness.
    3. Recommendations: Stay true to who you are and continue writing, critiquing, reviewing etc. from the heart. Follow your instinct when changes arise.
    4. Dream, set goals, & follow through …

    From our own experiences, completing school while working full time IS definitely a task. Although, once you've completed the challenge … you're grown stronger in knowledge and life lessons which brings the things you want in life right to you 🙂

    I ponder Ellira's comment … responsibility and accountability comes to mind and I'm sure that opens up a big can of worms in topics 🙂 Whatever occurs, have faith as it always works out in the end …

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