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As the summer winds down I am getting every closer to going to UC Santa Cruz. I went in today to talk about classes and to talk about studying abroad. I’m making moves to go to New Zealand right now and am really excited. How many people get to go to another country to learn? That’s cool in my book.
In other news, WISB is going well. I’ve been writing all this weekend, albeit slowly, but writing nonetheless. I’m hoping to get another chapter up this Sunday. We’ll see how that works out of course. My goal is to finish the rest of WISB before Sept. That might not happen, or perhaps it will. We’ll see.
Now, as for the TW Anthology, with the days winding down I should start seeing some major involvement from the TW community. There haven’t been hardly any submissions thus far, but that only means, to me, that I could be seeinga LOT of submissions towards the end of the deadline. That frightens me, but if that is the case, so be it. I’ll make it through.

In other news, I went book store shopping, as opposed to book shopping, out here in Santa Cruz, where I’ll be living for a few years, and managed to make some amazing finds. I’m a Poul Anderson fanatic and have a hard time finding all his books, and loe and behold at the little used book store in Downtown SC I found a whole load of them for a buck each! I scored 20 or so of his older novels! I’m so excited. My goal is to own every novel he ever wrote!
Anywho, I will be back tomorrow afternoon with a more regular post. I’m not sure what is up next. I have a few in draft form right now, so we’ll see what I decide to do.

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