RIP: Sweetie


Some weeks ago I had to take my leopard gecko (Sweetie) in to have a growth removed. It turned out to be an infection, but the vets managed to get the stuff out and she seemed to be recovering nicely. Then a little over a week ago she stopped eating and became lethargic. We put her on some meds and some liquid food on Friday, hoping she’d start eating on her own again.

I woke up this morning at 9 AM to find that she had passed on. And I’m not particularly happy…

For those that don’t really know much about her, I can easily say she was appropriately named. She was really rather sweet. She never once bit me, though she certainly got fed up with me from time to time. She always had a cute look on her face too. She’s been with me for several years now and even produced an egg several years back, which gave me Little Buddy (who I lost last year).

I hope she had a good life.

Here’s the only picture I could find. I’m sure mother has more:

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