Sad News For the Week and Some Happier Stuff

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I just found out today that Lloyd Alexander and Madeleine L’Engle died this year. Read the post here at Wands and Worlds. Also here is the USA Today reports for Lloyd Alexander and Madeleine L’Engle. Sad day indeed for me. Both wonderful writers who did much for literature.

For happier news I guess:
Here is a neat bit on the Voyager spacecraft. I love the image. Very Scifi :).
Also an interesting read on magic is here at Karen Lee Field’s blog. Good stuff there.

As part of my column at the TeenageWriters Blog, I’ve started an eight part series on beginnings. The first of them is here. Feel free to check it out! I also wrote a bit about the importance of places like TeenageWriters, Critique Circle, and the like here.

Also, at some point this weekend I’m probably going to babble about the latest SFWA issue. Some of you know about it already, but I feel like adding my two cents, even though I’m not a part of SFWA cause I don’t fit into their strict guidelines yet.

Enjoy the links!

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