SF/F Links: April Roundup (First Half)

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By the way, this is going to be long since I’m pulling links off my desktop and my laptop. So, get ready for a long list of SF/F related links!

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Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric and Writing at Bemidji State University. He received his PhD in English from the University of Florida and studies science fiction, postcolonialism, digital fan cultures, and digital rhetoric.

One thought on “SF/F Links: April Roundup (First Half)

  1. Sails as an alternative method of driving ships? How did they come up with such a revolutionary idea?! Good lord, I didn’t think humanity was that stupid.

    That ‘pandemic’ bacteria picture isn’t a bacterium, btw. It looks like tissue of some kind. It’s not even seriously destroyed tissue …

    Giving testosterone to women would just be bad. I mean, there are enough old women with beards as it is. Do we really want to create more? There’d be whole armies of them terrifying children.

    OMG, I have been looking for synopses like that for YEARS! It’s about time we saw some real ones.

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