SFWA: The Aftermath

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I just thought I’d show everyone who reads this blog just how bad the reinstatement of Mr. Burt really is. Here is the aftermath just in this first day:

Tobias Buckell, an author I deeply respect as some of you know, has decided to cancel his membership to SFWA. Read his full post here. You should read it because he offers a lot of insight into all that is going on, including an lovely link to what I’m about to link you all to.

Mr. Burt has put a post on the SFWA livejournal that has sparked a lot of very angry comments asking for his resignation, including some posts from Scribd and members challenging his view that people should give him a chance even though his post is clearly one of bitterness and an example of his disinterest in keeping friendly relations with Scribd, even though Scribd is working on efforts to keep illegal posting of artist material at bay.

That’s all for today. More will likely spring up over the following days though. You can be sure of that.

Don’t get me wrong. I like SFWA. It is a good organization, in general, but right now I’m not too happy about their policies either.

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