Weekly Roundup #2: The Skiffy and Fanty Show / Duke and Zink Do America

This week, Tobias S. Buckell joins us on the show to talk about his latest book, Arctic Rising, the environment, technology (green and otherwise), and a load of other fantastic stuff.

You can check out the episode here.

Over at Duke and Zink Do America there's a new column asking whether Star Trek is conservative, liberal, or progressive.  I know, right?  Who would have thought that my genre interests would bleed over into my political world?  Ha!  In any case, go leave a comment with your opinions!

There's also a brand new episode of the podcast.  The Agenda:
Syrians are still getting screwed, Gingrich writes a wiki, Arizona is rated G for GOP, Trotta expects to get raped, and Santorum smears. Plus: Jen goes on a rant about naughty things and we cover two funny moments in the political landscape.
 You can check out that episode here!

Weekly Roundup: The Skiffy and Fanty Show / Duke and Zink Do America

This is the first in my weekly roundups of stuff I'm doing elsewhere.  Here goes:

In last week's episode, Jen and I interviewed Michael Sullivan, author of The Riyria Revelations series.  The conversation wandered from publishing to reviews to fantasy to anti-heroes to the wickedness of dwarves (and, of course, the novels).  You can check out the episode here.
This week's episode is a long discussion with Liz Bourke about LGBT discrimination in publishing, SF/F books for the ladyfolk (whatever that means), history from the classical period (with a little medieval history for good measure), and SF/F in the global sphere (and the women on the margins therein).  You can check out that episode here.

The first Duke and Zink Do America column is a dialogue between Jen and I on the subject of the U.N. security council and the recent veto by China and Russia of its proposed public condemnation of Syria.  Feel free to head over, read what we have to say, and offer your two cents!

SandF #85 (Interview w/ Myke Cole) is Live!

The latest episode of The Skiffy and Fanty Show is yet another reason why we're totally awesome.  No, we don't have an ego.  Promise.

#85 should be fairly obvious based on the title.  Myke Cole comes on the show to talk about Shadow Ops:  Control Point, his latest novel, and topics such as:  the military, the fantasy genre, sexy romances, random pop-culture references, and much more!

Here it is.  Listen or nothing bad will happen to you.

SandF #84 (Women in Military SF (or The Kratman Rule is B.S.)) is Live!

I don't think we've had a potentially controversial episode on The Skiffy and Fanty Show in a while.  But I think we've just solved that with #84.  Here's the description:
Our first hard-hitting episode of the year is finally here. This week, we talk about the recent controversy at Tor.com over Liz Bourke's post about women in military SF, sexism, Joe Haldeman, David Weber, how science fiction might look at the "gender" question in the military, and much more. We're a little less PC, a whole lot more opinionated, and altogether our cheery selves.
Feel free to give it a listen and leave a comment with your thoughts.  Really.  Even if it's hate mail...

SandF Ep. 83 (An Interview w/ James L. Sutter) is Live!

You'll notice that the darned numbers changed again.  This is the last time.  Seriously.  From this point on, the bloody numbers will only get bigger.  No more decimals.  No more starting over.  Just...growth.

In any case, this episode is obviously an interview with James L. Sutter, author of Death's Heretic and editor at Paizo Publishing.  We cover a wide range of topics, some of them of interest to you writer-ly types, and others of interest to those who appreciate our "digging to the heart" method for interviews.

Feel free to give the episode a listen here.

SandF Episode 6.6 (Favoritism — Our 2011 Besties) is Live!

I'll let the description on the episode page do the talking:

Our last non-interview, non-torture episode of the year is all about our favorite books, movies, TV shows, interviews, etc. for the 2011 year.  You can see our lists below, but you'll want to listen to hear our reasons. 
Plus:  we spend a little time saying thank you to everyone who listened and appeared on the show.  Why?  Because we love you.  Obviously.  Show us a little love back by leaving a response to the following questions: 
What books, movies, and TV shows were your favorites for 2011 (whether published this year or not)?  Which interviews, roundtables, and Torture Media episodes did you most enjoy? 
Head on over and take a listen!

SandF Ep. #6.5 (Nihilism in Genre Fiction w/ Paul Genesse) is Live!

We're back with another roundtable discussion!  Here's the description:
Fantasy author Paul Genesse joins us for a lively discussion about darkness and nihilism in science fiction and fantasy. We cover everything from the good vs. evil dichotomy, war, Game of Thrones, Steven Pinker, and much more! 
Plus, Paul tells us a bit about his upcoming novel, the Crimson Pact series, and his deepest…darkest…secrets! Only two of those things are true…
Download the episode and enjoy!

SandF Ep. 6.4 (LGBT SpecFic w/ JoSelle Vanderhooft) is Live!

I'll let the episode description do the talking for me:
This week's roundtable is a monster. JoSelle Vanderhooft, renowned editor of Steam Powered, Steam Powered 2, and many other fascinating collections, joins us for an extensive discussion about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) speculative fiction, the reception of LGBT people in the community (and publishing), the political side of things, and, of course, JoSelle's work!
What are you waiting for?  Go listen!