Rejection: Little Blue Planet

Well, another one. I love rejections. A little birdie named Ellira told me that Ray Bradbury had over 800 rejections before a single sale. With that thought looming over my head, it's hard to really be all butthurt over rejections, don't you think?

Anywho, I shall send it to another magical place!

Rejection: To Paint Lords Green

This rejection came with some good comments, I think. I've got a better understanding of what the market wants. Here are the comments:
Unfortunately, it's not quite right for us. The narrative was quite vivid, but it seemed to me more focused on description and less focused on Caerelyn's character. I wanted to get just as vivid a feel for her core goal as a character, her deepest hopes and fears, as I was getting of the furnishings of the main hall of the King's Castle. I wanted the narrative to go inside her head and give me a feel for what inner yearning was driving her through the story, and this opening didn't provide that as much as I prefer.
That's it. It's off somewhere else!

Rejection: Artemis

Yup, another one. It must be a mark of my extraordinarily thick skin that I don't even think twice about rejections anymore. I see them, shrug, and sent the work somewhere else. This isn't to say that I haven't put a lot of work into this particular piece; I have. But the piece is as far as I can really take it, I think.

In any case, this piece is off to another place far away.