Book Review: Zero Sum Game by SL Huang

SL Huang has a Twitter account. One day, SL Huang talked about her new book, Zero Sum Game. I said, "Hey, why don't I have that in my pile of books to read for review," and she said, "Well, fine, I'll put it in your inbox you complaining whiny person." Thus began a glorious literary friendship. Of course, that story isn't exactly what happened, but it's the version I'm sticking with for now. In truth, I came to Zero Sum Game with a lot of expectations: I wanted a fun, adventurous book with crisp, commercial writing, exciting characters, and a larger-than-life crazy-face plot. And that's exactly what I got. This is the kind of book I would turn to if I needed a break from life. It's the kind of book I can get lost into, like an action thriller that doesn't try to be artsy, but still has a lot of heart. This book is like Bourne Identity, but if Matt Damon were replaced by Michelle Yeoh (or JeeJa Yanin) and all of her extraordinary fighting skills were explained by her superhuman ability to almost instantaneously calculate the physics of the world. Read More