Top 10 Blog Posts for January 2014

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And here they are:

  1. The Vigilante in American Mythology (Brief Thoughts) #monthofjoy
  2. Movie Review: Riddick (2013) (or, I’m Going to Mega Rant Now)
  3. Guest Post: The Polarization of Genre Fiction by David Chandler
  4. Movie Review Rant : Catching Fire (2013)
  5. Silly Reader Questions: Super Powers, Magic, Bathrooms, and Poetry
  6. Top 10 Most Ridiculous Moments in Science Fiction and Fantasy Film in the 90s
  7. Self-Published Books vs. Literary Awards: In Response to Linda Nagata
  8. Star Trek: a Worf TV Show? (Some Thoughts)
  9. Gender Essentialism, Genre, and Me
  10. The Diversity Pledge: Crunching My Numbers for 2013

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

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