Twenty-five Things (About Me): A Meme


I was tagged on Facebook for this, but because I don’t feel like doing this list there, I’m doing it here. Besides, this is what blogs are for. I officially tag anyone who wants to do this. The point is to make a list of twenty-five things about you, presumably stuff most people don’t know (or at least isn’t clear). This probably is an attempt to make people on the interwebs human or some such. In any case, here goes:

  1. Total Recall is one of my favorite movies for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever.
  2. The Matrix Revolutions is possibly my favorite music soundtrack ever.
  3. I think Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined show by Ronald A. Moore) is the best science fiction show ever made. Period. It has overtaken Firefly without even a struggle.
  4. I applied to Oxford without any expectation to get in (in fact, I don’t even have my hopes up for it).
  5. I have actually gotten an A in a class without reading anything on the syllabus or paying attention to the lectures (not at UCSC, though). This might mean I was a bad student, but you should consider that if a student can not pay attention or read any of the books and still get an A, then the course wasn’t all that well put together, now was it?
  6. I have enough books to make the proportion of not-read to read close to 100 to 1.
  7. I have 13 leopard geckos and three common musk turtles with me where I live; my mother and her partner are caring for my bearded dragon and crested gecko (both of which they apparently love to death).
  8. I despise the following words: intrinsic, billfold, and lozenge. And by despise, I mean that I actually get angry shivers when I hear them.
  9. I’m agnostic, despite what anyone may assume from my rants against religion.
  10. I am afraid of horses.
  11. I have no desire to have any sort of wedding, and neither does my fiance. We just want to be married and move on from that moment.
  12. I rarely watch the following movies because they creep me out way too much (mostly because I saw them when I was a kid first): The Neverending Story and Ernest Scared Stupid
  13. I think American Cheese is an abomination and should be destroyed for the protection of all mankind.
  14. I considered, in my youth, converting to Islam, and then to Hinduism, and then to Buddhism, and then to Zen Buddhism, and then to Christianity, and then to nothing at all. Needless to say that none of these religions/ideologies did anything for me at all.
  15. I write short stories because I have limited time to devote to writing and they are somewhat easier for me to write and maintain interest. I still work on novels and have every intention of continuing, but shorts are simply easier for me at the moment.
  16. I have been told by people close to me that I am both a good writer and a crappy editor. Obviously I value their opinions to put up with that.
  17. I have also been told by two professionals in the writing field that I am a good writer (something I’ll be talking about later, I’m sure).
  18. I am a cancer survivor. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma; survivor of almost six years now. No, I don’t want sympathy. It was no big deal.
  19. I don’t shave or cut my hair often because I despise the entire process of both (plus one hurts and the other costs money).
  20. I love to argue, so much so that I will even take up positions that are not representative of how I actually think just so I can keep arguing. I don’t know why.
  21. I believe that the U.S. Constitution is not all that hard to understand and that people who think it is hard to interpret are not very smart and shouldn’t be running this country.
  22. I am lactose intolerant, but refuse to drink or eat soy products because they are disgusting. I continue to drink or eat dairy products, even though I can sometimes have unpleasant reactions to them. I’d probably only quit if I found it it would actually kill me.
  23. I will be close to $21,000 in debt by the time I get my B.A. This is to preserve my ability to not have to waste money on a car or get a job so that I may focus on my schooling and other aspects of my life (such as trying not to go insane). I suspect that I will make someone else pay for it in exchange for me doing something nice for them.
  24. I am politically a moderate and believe that people who vote via party or religious opinion are idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all. Likewise, people who vote because Bill O’Reilly or someone equally as polarizing and moronic tells them who to vote for should probably be put in a mental institution or, at the very least, deemed mentally handicapped and sent to their own island without food or water.
  25. I am a member of the Modern Language Associate of America.

And there you go! Hope you all enjoy.

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

5 thoughts on “Twenty-five Things (About Me): A Meme

  1. I’ll repeat myself one more time Shaunwise.

    Number 20 is a surprise to no one.

    It’s still pretty interesting though, I didn’t know a lot of this stuff, so I guess the list served it’s purpose.

    How are the geckos by the way?

  2. I knew all of those. Me is good. Many of them seemed to be designed to give me heart attacks, though.

    Also, if people read your Twitter they know the first few things.

    All in all, you get an F: do it again.

  3. What a list!! Mine would be more in the lines of ‘I am able to spend an hour or two simply laughing at funny English words’ or ‘I hate beet and love marzipan’…
    And all those geckos … where do you keep them?

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