U.S. Space Program is 50


That’s right, our glorious, slowly dying space program is officially 50 years old today. I think it’s cause for some celebration. As such, I’m officially holding a “Yay, our SP is 50” party over Superbowl. Who’s with me?

On a side note, here is a New Scientist article on this very subject, though they’re not offering to host a Superbowl party in Van Allen’s favor…

(Don’t click the read more, there isn’t any more after this!)

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6 thoughts on “U.S. Space Program is 50

  1. What’s the superbowl?

    Can’t you hold a chocolate party instead? They didn’t even have chocolate fountains when I held mine …

  2. Well, for a more unbiased approach:
    Superbowl is the name given to the championship game between the two ‘conferences’ of American Football. Conferences could translate to ‘league’ too, I suppose. Basically all the teams in American Football are in one conference or the other and they all play to win their conference championship, and then the winners of said conferences go to the Superbowl to get what would be, basically, the biggest trophy.
    The Patriots have won it a good portion of times, particularly in the last 10 years, but they certainly don’t have the most Superbowl wins. The 49ers I believe hold that trophy. The 49ers are also the team with the most wins and no losses. While they haven’t been to the Superbowl as many times as other teams, they do have a perfect Superbowl record.

  3. Gah, on a side note, I agree, I have a feeling that the Patriots will win again this year. While I do think the Giants are a decent team, the Patriots are running on a 16 and 0 season (or 18 and 0 if you count playoffs) and the team is so well rounded and offensively powerful I don’t think the imperfect Giants have much of a shot.

  4. I got bored after the word ‘football’ so I still don’t know what it is. However, I can safely say I don’t care.

    Oh, and your football is just rugby for wimps. 😉

  5. Way kewl on the Space Program! Yes to the chocolate party & I actaully experienced one once when we were on a cruise. There was a midnight Chocoholic Buffet 😛 And luckily they even had sugar-free since I am a diabetic.

    Good memories! Which why do the Patriots need to win again?! I seem to cheer for the underdogs – Go Vikings! Opps, they didn’t make it at all, but hey I am hopeful for some year. So – Go Giants *LOL*

    Football is an American love & we were proud to make 3rd in our Fantasy Football.

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