A Lack of Inspiration (Or: the Boring Things I Think About Doing on Here)

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The last few weeks have been rather trying on my blogging brain.  I’ve had very little to talk about that I felt was worthy of the time and many of the discussions going around the community have become slightly repetitive, if not truly, then at least in my head.  I suppose some of this has to do with trimming my blog list, which means I’m not spreading my reading around as much as I used to (to be fair, I trimmed because I got bored of a number of things I was reading…).

My lack of inspiration does seem to be waning slightly, though.  I now have twelve new posts to work on, including reviews for the last four episodes of HBO’s A Game of Thrones and a number of top lists about my favorite authors and the like (which will run after I catch up with the former).  I may even review the first half of the latest Doctor Who series, episode by episode.

But TV episode reviews are only one small part of what I do on this blog, and I’m still finding it hard to inspire myself to write about anything otherwise (substantive posts on genre-related
things, for example).  I don’t think this has anything to do with blogging burnout, as I’ve had laggy times in the past.  It likely has to do with the fact that I just finished my M.A. degree and have yet to have anything resembling a cool down moment because of financial concerns for summer (and a syllabus to turn in; one of these will be discussed in an upcoming post asking for your thoughts).  But then I look at this blog, at Twitter, and so on and wonder what it is I’m missing.  What discussions are going on that I’m not privy to?  Where are they happening?  Who are the new and exciting voices in the blogosphere, publishing, and so on?  I follow some of them, but there must be others.

Maybe I’m feeling out of the loop.  Or maybe I’m just a little mentally exhausted at the moment from all the work I did from January until April.  Maybe that’s it.

That’s enough rambling nonsense from me.  How are you?

About the Author:

Shaun Duke is an aspiring writer, a reviewer, and an academic. He is currently a graduate student at the University of Florida studying science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy.

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